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Alexis Levine EDUC 2130 Reflection 9 There are many benefits of learning in a social context. We learn things from our family and friends that we cannot learn inside the classroom. For example, we learn about our culture, morals, and traditions in a social context outside of the classroom. Children generate knowledge through interaction and experience through ideas. Through play they learn many basic functions and become active. Children use their imagination and pretend to be someone they really aren’t during play. Since learning in a social context is typically done through observation if may also be a negative thing. If a child see’s something unethical or unjust being done he or she may think that type of behavior is acceptable when really it is not. The child, however, does not know any better because he
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Unformatted text preview: or she observed it being done previously. As a education, I must always be a positive role model and recognize that at least one of my students will be watching me at all times. I will need to persuade the students to be creative and use their imagination while learning and playing. For children to learn and be able to create their own views and develop their character it is extremely important for people to have social interactions with all kinds of people from all walks to life. Even though I went to a Jewish private school, my school still taught about every religion which enabled me to then form my own views of which I sided more so with. To make a well-rounded person they must be knowledgeable about other people outside of themselves and the norm they are familiar with....
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