Reflection 10 - measure how intelligent someone truly is....

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Alexis Levine EDUC 2130 Reflection 10 Inte lligence is the degree to which a living thing can use their consciousness to understand and interpret the world on both a physical and metaphysical level. Intelligence is being able to think about things as irrational and rational, while being able to use creativity as well. There are IQ tests that claim to measure intelligence, however, I think it is impossible to fully measure a persons intelligence level. Intelligence means something different to every person. IQ tests may be biased when testing someone in another country, for example. What is considered useful to know and difficult to understand to foreigners may be common sense to an American. I do believe some people have “more intelligence” than others to a certain extend just because there are some extremely “dumb” people in this world. Although, while certain individuals excel in some areas others may in others, making it very difficult to
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Unformatted text preview: measure how intelligent someone truly is. Measuring this is like saying what’s more important someone who excels in math or someone who excels in science. Intelligence is measured differently in every culture so saying some people have “more intelligence” thank others varies. I do believe some people have more “common sense” and street smarts than others though. People always have the ability to learn more than they already know. There’s a thin line, in my opinion between what people know and the capacity in which they are capable of learning, but don’t push themselves. I do believe creativity plays a huge role in intelligence. Nature verses nurture could play a factor in a person’s intelligence. Play induces people to be imaginative and creative allowing children to remove themselves from reality....
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Reflection 10 - measure how intelligent someone truly is....

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