Reflection Paper 8 - of 7 and 11 so their way of thinking...

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Alexis Levine EDUC 2130 March 15, 2011 Reflection Paper 8 Jean Piaget studied children’s minds and how they worked, through observing them and communicating and listening to them as they worked on exercises he created. Piaget combined three disciplines into genetic epistemology. He found that young children with eccentric they often talk at rather than to other children. As children mature they become socio eccentric and take other peoples thoughts into concentration. Children don’t take the other persons point of view into concentration. I agree with Piagets theory that they cannot undertake certain tasks until they are psychologically mature enough to do so. Children are not born with all the knowledge in the world. They learn new things every second of the day through experiencing and observing. While teaching younger children, as I hope to do someday, Piagets theory will apply on how I communicate with the children. I hope to teach children between the ages
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Unformatted text preview: of 7 and 11 so their way of thinking will be concrete observational, meaning they can think logically about events and objects. It will be easier to teach these children because they are no longer thinking about themselves and can see other people’s point of view during this stage more easily. Both outside and inside of the classroom the adult in charge must be very patient because the child may not understand basic concepts still. Not because they aren’t smart, but because they aren’t necessarily capable. Students can learn math more easily between these ages because they can see things in more ways than objects. Before 7, a teacher typically instructs using blocks and visuals so they can comprehend more easily. Piaget’s theory is extremely useful in understanding how children view concepts most adults see as basic knowledge, such as counting. He helps understand the developmental process of the children’s brain and their capacity to understand....
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Reflection Paper 8 - of 7 and 11 so their way of thinking...

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