Reflection Paper - will. I do not agree with bits and...

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Alexis Levine EDUC 2130 Reflection Paper 4 February 1, 2011 I agree that reinforcement facilitates learning in every way. Positive reinforcement is a good thing overall because it teaches kids. I know as a child if I knew a reward was in store like Ms. Kitchens and Rodney’s story did with their classes my behavior and attitude would change. However, I do not agree with the person who did not agree with reinforcement because they were not trying to find out the behavioral issues with Rodney. You cannot really give positive reinforcement without knowing the issue and focusing on improving the child in that specific area. For example, you study extremely hard for a test you will receive a good grade. As a result, the good grade is the reward in this instance. It proves to you that if you study hard you
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Unformatted text preview: will. I do not agree with bits and pieces from both authors. I solely agree with positive reinforcement. As a child I needed extensive amounts of positive reinforcement, even if it was just the teachers body standing over me telling me I could do it. The positive reinforcement in Ms. Kitchens class was that if the class was good by the end of the week they would receive extra recess time. The authors did not change my thoughts at all after reading their articles. As a nanny, middle child of three, and babysitter, I have become fully aware that for a child to succeed and have a good attitude they need positive reinforcement continuously. In addition, the authors were unable to influence me because I already had a strong opinion towards positive reinforcement and learning....
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Reflection Paper - will. I do not agree with bits and...

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