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1. What is Federalism? Why do we have it? Who devised it? How does it differ from other forms of government? How has it changed? 2. Read federalist paper 10 3. Article 1- 4. Article 2- 5. Article 3- 6. Article 4- 7. Article 5- 8. Article 6- 9. Article 7- 10. What is a social contract? 11. What is natural law? 12. What is direct and indirect democracy? 13. Majority rule v. minority rights? 14. Understand separation of powers, checks and balances- 15. What is the Virginia Plan? 16. What is the New Jersey Plan? 17. What is the Connecticut Compromise?
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Unformatted text preview: 18. Who were the Federalist? 19. What are the anti-federalists? 20. What is the 3/5’s Compromise? 21. Implied, concurrent and express (enumerated) powers? 22. What is Supremacy Clause? 23. What is Full Faith and Credit? 24. What is Privileges and Immunities? 25. What are types of federal grants? 26. How is the Constitution amended? Supreme courts can change the meaning of the Constitution, but can not amend it. 27. What are dual, centralized and cooperative federalism....
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