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Alexis Levine Educ 2130 Field Experience Greenfield Hebrew Academy For my field experience project, I visited Greenfield Hebrew Academy (GHA) in Sandy Springs, Georgia where I observed and interviewed one of the most energetic teachers ever witnessed, Stella Gordon. Mrs. Gordon instructs 7 th and 8 th grade students. While she focuses on one subject at a time, her lessons often integrated several aspects of other subjects such as Hebrew, Social Studies, and English. I witnessed and heard many things I, both did and did not expect to encounter during my duration at Greenfield. Her ways of dealing with behavior both inside and outside of the classroom were superb. Students plead to stay in her classroom all day. I will take nearly every observation made in Mrs. Gordon’s classroom and try to incorporate them into my own teachings in the future. In addition, many theories we learned this semester were incorporated within Mrs. Gordon’s instructions. I learned many ways to deal with well-behaved and troubled students from spending time in Mrs. Gordon’s classroom. Walking up to the private day school, I was extremely nervous. I did not know what to expect or where to go; there was an insane amount of security. Two students promptly retrieved me from the office to guide me to Mrs. Gordon’s classroom. The girls giggled and turn to me and said, “You are so pretty.” The girls seemed so charming and well mannered. Later, I would discover these girls were actually troublemakers. Once I entered the class, Mrs. Gordon went over her lessons with me for the day. She appeared to be extremely organized and was well prepared with detailed lesson plans
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to instruct. As the children strolled in quietly, they appeared well mannered and ready to learn. They took their seats and the lesson began. Mrs. Gordon had successfully conditioned the children to respect her similarly to Ivan Pavlov’s theory. Pavlov conditioned the dog to salivate at the sound of the bell, therefore conditioning the dog to associate the bell with food. His experiment coincided with the daily routine the students preformed in Mrs. Gordon’s classroom. When she came to the front of the room it was time to begin. The first time I visited, Mrs. Gordon had recently been given three 7 th grade classes to instruct in addition to her own classes. They hired a fresh teacher at the beginning of the year that was not adequately instructing her students. As a result, the school asked Mrs. Gordon to take on those 7 th grade classes when she was not instructing the 8 th graders, giving no breaks throughout the day. By GHA not hiring a new teacher to instruct every 7 th grade student was unfair to those who would remain with the poor equipped teacher. As a result, half the 7 th graders will be on track while the other half will be behind. I could tell a huge difference between her 7 th grade students she only had for two days and her 8 th grade students she had instructed for two years, aside from maturation. Two weeks later I visited again, and recognized that the 7
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Field Experience- Stella - Alexis Levine Educ 2130 Field...

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