pre lab - Pre-Lab Lab Unit 09 - Control by Heat and UV...

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Pre-Lab Lab Unit 09 - Control by Heat and UV Light Levine 1 Alexis Levine Dr. Maxwell M/W 19, March 2010 Temperature affects bacterial growth, the warmer/humid the temperature, the faster the bacteria growth. Lower temperatures will slow down bacterial growth, but not kill bacteria. Their growth will slow at higher and lower temperatures usually. The only way to kill bacteria is to keep the temperature over 158 degrees F for two minutes. Microbes grow in warm temperatures. But there is a limit, they need an optimum temperature to grow best ( Rothchild, 1999). In microbiology class we learned about the different sections bacteria are split into based on their optimal growth temperature. I believe the optimal temperature range most bacteria live in are best at temperatures close to that of the human body (37°C or 98.6°F) Every organism has an optimum temperature for growth; the generation time increase as the temperature declines from that optimum. The bacteria that grow best at ambient temperatures are called mesophiles, while those that have an optimum temperature above 45* C are called thermophiles. The bacteria that grow best from about at 0* to 15* C are called psychrophiles (Lee, 2007). Although, they grow best at low temperatures, they grow very slowly. Thermophiles prefer very hot environments. Some that grow well at 100*-120*C are now called extremophiles, which can be found in thermal vents at the bottom of the ocean where high-pressure vents produce temperatures well above boiling (Lee, 2007). . Microbial populations will grow exponentially as long as temperature is within the tolerance range of the bacteria and nutrients are readily available. Cooking at high temperatures will inhibit bacteria in food. Food spoilage means the original nutritional
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pre lab - Pre-Lab Lab Unit 09 - Control by Heat and UV...

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