Pre-Lab Lab Unit 02 - Microscopy %28Attempt 1 %29

Pre-Lab Lab Unit 02 - Microscopy %28Attempt 1 %29 - Alexis...

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Alexis Levine Microbiology Lab T/R Maxwell 17 January 2010 Pre-Lab Lab Unit 02 - Microscopy (Attempt 1) Introduction : The introduction must be between 150-300 words. The introduction must include the basic concept behind microscopy and a discussion of why it is the most basic tool of a microbiologist. You are welcome to use outside resources, including the lecture textbook. If you use an external resource, make sure to cite and reference the source using the APA style guide. Microorganisms were neither proven and observed, nor correctly and accurately described until Leeuwenhoek, who was the first to observe microorganisms using a microscope. The reason for this was that all these early inquiries lacked the most fundamental tool in order for microbiology and bacteriology to exist as a science, and that was the microscope Microscopy is the examination of tiny objects through a microscope, a tool that provides an enlarged picture of an object not visible with the naked eye. Because microbiology deals with organisms too small they cannot be distinctly with the unaided eye, the microscope is essential. If we did not have the microscope to study these tiny organisms microbiology would be much more difficult. Therefore, we have the microscope to aid us in our understanding of specimens. The light microscope is the single most important research tool that microbiologists
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Pre-Lab Lab Unit 02 - Microscopy %28Attempt 1 %29 - Alexis...

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