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Conclusion Lab Unit 04 - Gram Stain Levine 1 Alexis Levine Maxwell T/R 7, February 2010 The importance of the Gram stain. Which organisms showed as Gram + and Gram -? What does the result of the Gram stain reveal about the organism? The purpose of the Gram stain is to separate bacteria into two different categories, Gram-positive and Gram-negative based on chemical and physical properties of their cell wall. The result of Gram stain reveals whether the organism is positive or negative based on the color the organism appears after staining. Gram-positive organisms will not be easily decolorized and retain the purple stain of crystal violet Gram-negative organisms will be decolorized by the alcohol and are subsequently stained by the safranin and appear red or pink In our lab we stained Staphlyococcus epidermids which appeared to be Gram-
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Unformatted text preview: positive. All Gram-positive cells are purple in color when stained. This week is different then the simple staining lab we did previously because we stained with multiple dyes so it could have came out red or purple rather then automatically purple. Clusters of purple circles appeared all over the slide which revealed Gram-positive. I also stained Bacillis Subtilis which turned purple resulting in Gram-positive. The specimen produced purple rod shaped chains with spores central to each cell. Because it is Gram-positive it has a tough outer later and is able to survive extreme climates. We also looked at a mixed culture of Escherichia coli and Bacillis Subtilis. Which resulted in both pink/red and purple on the same slide since E. coli is Gram-negative and B. subtilis is Gram-positive....
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