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Edit Submission: Conclusion Lab Unit 03 - Mounting and Simple Stains Levine 1 Alexis Levine Maxwell T/R 4, February 2010 In this conclusion, you are asked to discuss the results of your staining experiments. Below are the specific topics that must be addressed. Remember to review the grading scheme before you write. The purpose and importance of biological stains. Discuss and describe the various prepared slides viewed. 1. 2. Most of the components of cells are colorless; therefore they are very difficult to see when not stained. Stains are used to bind to and to make visible specific structures within the cell so that they are more easily visible in the microscope. The staining of the specimen can also tell you whether or not the cell is gram positive or gram negative. In our lab we were given Staphylococcus epidermidis, Bacillis subtilis, and Saccharomyces cervisiae in which we experimented with Safranin, methylene blue Loffler, and crystal violet dye. 0 First I did a hay infusion on Eukaryotic cell- protozoa. Little black specks with a
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