Lab Unit 5 Pre-Lab

Lab Unit 5 Pre-Lab - Unit 5 Pre Lab Alexis Levine Maxwell...

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Unit 5 Pre Lab Levine 1 Alexis Levine Maxwell T/R 7, February 2010 Introduction: In order to view a certain kind of bacteria, you must create a pure culture. A pure culture is an area on the agar plate that is filled with the same type of bacteria resulting from a single bacterial cell. (Berkavitch, 2004) During the lab, it is very important that we practice aseptic techniques, or sterile techniques. This is important so we don’t contaminate the culture or anything in the lab including ourselves. When transferring cultures from different medium, it is best to use a sterile pipette. Once these techniques are at a point where you feel comfortable with them, then you can collect the pure culture. The first step in creating a pure culture is to use the streak plate method. The streak plate method involves spreading individual bacteria on a plate and letting it grow. . (Berkavitch, 2004) Once the bacteria have grown, then you can choose from what is on the plate and just take the bacteria you need. There are different types of media for different purposes in a lab setting. If a medium is
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Lab Unit 5 Pre-Lab - Unit 5 Pre Lab Alexis Levine Maxwell...

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