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SPEECH2050 Week 1

SPEECH2050 Week 1 - 1630s • “Books are the heart of...

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January 20, 2011 Print Media, part 1 The Oldest Book: The Diamond Sutra, block-printed on a 17-foot scroll in China in 868 A.D. A stamp is block printing Block printing was invented in China and Korea nearly 2500 years before Europeans adopted it. The technology that makes printing possible was invented in Asia. The Printing Press: Basically a squeezing machine. Not designed to be a printing press originally. Originally it was designed to make wine or squeeze olive oil and grapes. A German named Johannes Gutenberg invented the first European printing press in the mid-1400s . He’s taking this Asian technology and using medal to make this movable type. His press was much more efficient than previous models. The first major book printed on his press was the Gutenberg Bible The arrival of the printing press ushered in the first age of mass communication . The first book in the US (then the colonies) as printed in the
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Unformatted text preview: 1630s. • “Books are the heart of creating US culture and passing it on to new generations.” Books Invented Individuals The Book Industry:- More books are being printed and sold than ever before.- There are around 195,000 new books published each year- Book publishers used to be very diverse…- Recently, a lot of consolidation has occurred in publishing houses. - Even so, over 12,000 companies in the U.S. publish books.- Most bookstores are owned by a very small number of companies.- Independent booksellers account for only 10% of all book sales.- Publishers pay bookstores to display their books prominently, near the front of the store.- Authors generally don’t make a lot of money (5-15% of the price of the book)- Textbook authors, on average make 11.6% of the price of a book. Other things from the book you should study...
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SPEECH2050 Week 1 - 1630s • “Books are the heart of...

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