Test 2 - Visual Media: Television The History of Television...

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Visual Media: Television The History of Television TV is older than you think. Basic television design was pursued in the 1800s. Picture screen TV technology was invented in the 1920s by a young American from Idaho, Philo Farnsworth. The first TV standards were adopted in the US in 1941 Between 1941 and 1948, the number of TV stations went from 10 to 100. I don’t have any early TV shows to show you, because… television was all done live and nobody recorded any of it. They thought television was throwaway entertainment. TV was slow to disseminate in the US because of the “TV Freeze” – the FCC stopped the growth of TV until it could be regulated. Early TV shows were very short. They were created, produced, and sponsored by a single company. The networks (NBC, ABC, CBS) wanted freedom from sponsor control, so they conspired to make shows longer. I LOVE LUCY I Love Lucy is arguably the most influential show in the history of TV o First TV show to be recorded (filmed) o Firs TV show to be edited using multiple takes o First show to be produced in Hollywood instead of New York o Broke many “taboos,” such as showing married people in bed together. We All Love the Cable Company Cable originated in the late 1940s to serve rural communities with poor reception. Wide-scale cable wasn’t attempted until the 1970s. o By 1985, 46 percent of US households had cable. The growth of cable was slowed due to fears it would destroy local TV. HBO was the first company to try using satellite broadcast to reach its local affiliates. Ted Turner realized he could use the same technology as HBO to reach affiliates with a non-premium channel. Turner’s “Superstation” became the first standard cable station across the country and created a rush of new stations. February 15, 2011
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Nobody invented the internet An Internet Timeline The basic idea of the Internet was conceived around 1962: Interacting through a network. Early Internet technology (but not the actual Internet) was developed by the military (DARPA) E-mail was invented in 1972- it was the original “killer app” of the Internet The basic Internet was well established by 1985. The early Internet did NOT include the Web. Definition of the Internet The internet is the global information system that: 1. Is linked together by a globally unique address space, 2. Supports global communication using TCP/IP, and 3. Supports global communications using TCP/IP, and 4. Provides both public and private services via the communications infrastructure.
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Test 2 - Visual Media: Television The History of Television...

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