Science - ISCI 2001 Test 1 Terms Magnetic striping the...

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ISCI 2001- Test 1 Terms Magnetic striping- the symmetrical pattern of alternating normal and reversed magnetic polarities found in the sea floor on either side of a spreading center Plate tectonics- the comprehensive geological theory stating that earths outer layer is composed of lithosphere plates that float on, and move away with the relatively plastic asthenosphere Crystallization- the process of forming a crystalline structure during solidification Dating Principles- Faunal succession- states that fossil organisms succeed one another in a definite irreversible determinable order Original horizontality- states that layers of sediment are deposited evenly, with each new layer laid down almost horizontally over the older sediment Relative - 1. Super Position- with any layers of rock that have not been overturned, those on the bottom are older then those on the top. 2. Dating by fossils- Once you had learned what lived at different times you could date the rocks based on the different fossils that lived at different times. Date rock layers by the fossils in them because you’d know when that animal lived. Absolute - 4 types of absolute dating: 1. Carbon 14 dating developed in 1950 - used in organic things (wood, bone, shell, anything made by a organism) 2. Potassium Argon Dating - is only useful on volcanic rocks/ashes. As soon as lava cools the potassium begins decaying to argon gas. Potassium
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Science - ISCI 2001 Test 1 Terms Magnetic striping the...

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