ISCS 2001 - ISCS 2001 January 20, 2011 The rocks havent...

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ISCS 2001 January 20, 2011 The rocks haven’t changed it’s our explanation that has changed. Hutton- zeroed in on the earliest rocks. After he hung out in Southern France he goes to Scotland. He paid attention to an old volcanic rock. In his late 60’s he goes on his last field excursion to Siccer Point at this point there are rocks sand stones that were originally deposited in a flat line are now tilted vertically and vice versa of rocks. Probably a result of different depositional deposits. Due to earth movements this showed the surface of the earth was dynamic. Earth is not static due to earth’s hot surface. Neptunes were proposing a younger earth that was not understandable that was static like we inherited all our rocks that they didn’t happen today. Informality process between the past and the present. No longer was the past this mercy time before the present where things that don’t happen today happen. The past was just a continuation of the present. The earth was understandable and regular and dynamic, not static and it was very old. Earth’s history was regular, slow, and gradual. Hutton wrote up his theory of the earth then died shortly after. John Playfer wrote up an abridgement of his theory . Charles Lyell - did the same thing Hutton did. He traveled all over looking for rocks. He went to Georgia and found some fossils. Lyell writes a 3-volume book called Principals of Geology . James Hutton father of modern geology Lyell - his most important popularizer. 3 things really jumped out at him: Uniformity of process, Charles Darwin- studied medicine, to be a minister neither worked out then he found himself and got a job as a naturalist. Theory-
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ISCS 2001 - ISCS 2001 January 20, 2011 The rocks havent...

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