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General Psychology-1

General Psychology-1 - G ENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Barnum Effect= a...

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GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY Barnum Effect= a little something for everyone Ex: same personality descriptions for everyone but each person said it described them individually (Def. of Psych) The Behavior of Organisms A. Behavior 1. Observable = depression, someone hitting someone (anger? Emotional?) 2. Human and animal= dog becomes passive (depression) when feels like have no control over situation (when dog cant get over barrier) a. Low serotonin when autopsy 3. Range = dating, working, studying, helping General Factors Affecting Behavior 1. Biology and Development (do genes affect?) 2. Cognition (thinking; ex: memory, dejavu) 3. Social/environment DEFN: The Scientific Study A. Science vs. personal knowledge a. Biast in our personal knowledge b. Conformatory biast =we search out for ideas like our own c. scientific approach = we systematically gather info B. Goals of Science 1. Description- describe as they exist, so people can understand 2. Explanation *- most important, explain or develop general laws or principles Ex: aggression not instinct, we learn from watching people One explanation (watch aggression leads to aggression), another (watching gets aggression out) 3. Prediction- trying to see a relationship; “if this…then that” 4. Control- prevent things, how can we do these 5. Improving quality of life - traumatic experiences want to help, team work in workplace C. Methods of Science 1. correlation method - scientific method to establish whether a
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