Perception-4 - *358: Personality & Treatment Preference...

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Perception THE PERCEPTUAL PROCESS Stages: - Sensation - five senses - Perception - the process of determining what the distal stimulus is based on information that is in our senses themselves - Classification Interpreting : Retinal Images - Distal Stimulus - object that is outside, distance from you - Proximal Stimulus- image that occurs on eye (retina) Theories of Visual Perception 1. Structuralism = when we are babies we have a blank mind (nothing is there), but through our experiences, we perceive what objects are 2. Gestaltism= something is our perceptual is that we want to make things whole (ex: we think a circle or line but really series of lines); the whole is greater than the sum of its parts 3. Ecological Optics= it is really about the stimuli in the environment; the properties of the stimulus should be study instead of the person Perceptual Processes A. Organization 1. Figure-ground= what’s in the front is the figure and what’s
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Perception-4 - *358: Personality & Treatment Preference...

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