Exam 3 Review

Exam 3 Review - 23:26:00 (HRM),develop Humancapitaltheec

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Chapter 9 – Managing Human Resources and Diversity 31/10/2010 23:26:00 The Strategic Role of HRM is to Drive Organizational Performance Human-resource management (HRM)     —activities undertaken to attract, develop,  and maintain an effective workforce within an organization Human capital     —the economic value of the knowledge, experience, skills, and  capabilities of employees International human-resource management (IHRM)     —a subfield of human- resource management that addresses that complexity that results from recruiting,  selecting, developing, and maintaining a diverse workforce on a global scale The Impact of Federal Legislation of HRM Discrimination     —the hiring or promoting of applicants based on criteria that are  not job relevant Affirmative action     —a policy that requires employers to take positive steps to  guarantee equal employment opportunities for people within protected groups The Changing Nature of Careers Contingent workers     —people who work for an organization, but no on a  permanent or full-time basis, including temporary placements, contracted professionals,  and leased employees Contingent professionals     —people, mostly retirees, who bring needed expertise Telecommuting     —using computers and telecommunications equipment to  perform work from home or another remote location Rightsizing     —intentionally reducing the company’s workforce to the point where  the number of employees is deemed to be right for the company’s current situation Finding the Right People Matching model     —an employee selection approach in which the organization and  the applicant attempt to match each other’s needs, interests, and values Human-resource planning     —the forecasting of human-resource needs and the  projected matching of individuals with expected job vacancies Recruiting     —the activities or practices that define the desired characteristics of  applicants for specific jobs Job analysis     —the systematic process of gathering and interpreting information  about the essential duties, tasks, and responsibilities of a job
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Job description     —a concise summary of the specific tasks and responsibilities of  a particular job Job specification     —an outline of the knowledge, skills, education, and physical  abilities needed to adequately perform a job Realistic job preview     —a recruiting approach that gives applicants all pertinent  and realistic information about the job and the organization Selection     —the process of determining the skills, abilities, and other attributes a 
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Exam 3 Review - 23:26:00 (HRM),develop Humancapitaltheec

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