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© GRE1600score.com | All rights reserved | www.gre1600score.com ±<:8LJ<²PFL²;<J<IM<²>FF;²J:FI<³² Ebooks | Softwares | Practice tests | Materials | Discussions | Blogs | Newsletters | More .. Contact: [email protected] Strategies for Raising GRE Scores 1. Make a study plan and follow it. The right study plan will help you manage time in preparing for the GRE whether you have three months, three weeks or only a few days to prepare. First, ask yourself two questions: How long until the test? How much time can be devoted to GRE study? Second, take the Diagnostic Examination . From the scores, youll be able to see where you need to concentrate your efforts. Third, develop a plan: Best Plan: 2-3 months to prepare for the GRE. Complete all exercises in preferred study guide, engage in small group study; take multiple practice exams. Accelerated Plan: If you only have 30 days to prepare, you ’ll have have to sacrifice a bit on the practice exams, but you’ll have to devote time to work through sample questions. Top Speed: If the GRE is coming up in two weeks or less, you may only have time to concentrate on the Diagnostic Examination and hit critical parts of each chapter in a GRE study guide. 2. Learn the directions in advance. If you already knows what to do for each question type, you won’t waste precious test time and you can jump right in and begin answering questions as soon as the bests begins. 30 seconds reading directions = 3 or 4 questions in each section
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© GRE1600score.com | All rights reserved | www.gre1600score.com 3. Always guess. On the GRE, its to your advantage to answer every question; youll be penalized for any questions left unanswered when time runs out. To make an educated guess by eliminating one of more answer choices is a good thing! Play the odds. Eliminate one answer choice = 25% chance of guessing correctly Eliminate two answer choices = 33 1/3% change guessing correctly Eliminate three answer choices = 50% chance of guessing correctly 4. In sentence completions, look for clue words. If you cant come up with the missing word immediately, look for clue words which will reveal the meaning of the sentence and point you in the right direction. 5. In analogy questions, a sentence can make the connection. GRE analogies are all about word relations. They test your verbal reasoning ability to see a relationship between two words and to recognize a similar relationship between two other words. The key to analogy success is being able to express the relationship between the words in a pair. 6. In reading comprehension, read for structure, not details. When you read GRE passages, dont let the details bog you down. Most of the questions will ask about the structure of the passage rather than specific facts. If you need the facts, theyre always there in the passage.
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