Farenheit - 3 On August 14 the high temperature was 105...

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FARENHEIT vs. CELSIUS A bank in town provides a sign with the current temperature. The temperature flashes alternately in Farenheit and Celsius. Degrees Celsius Degrees Farenheit 5 41 10 50 20 68 25 77 30 86 1. If we consider Farenheit as a function of Celsius, what type of function is it? How do you know from the table given above? 2. Find an equation that models the relationship in question 1.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. On August 14, the high temperature was 105 degrees Farenheit. What was the temperature in Celsius? 4. Is there any temperature that is the same in both Farenheit and Celsius? Can you find such a temperature both algebraically and graphically? 5. If the Celsius temperature goes up by one degree, what happens to the Farenheit temperature?...
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