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LINEAR FUNCTIONS 1. The relationship between the tuition, T (in dollars), and the number of credits, c , at a particular college is given by 100 120 0 6 () 800 120( 6) 6 18 cc Tc +≤ = +−< h A. What is the tuition for 6 credits? B. If the tuition was $1880, how many credits were taken? C. What is the domain of this function? The range? D. What is the practical interpretation of the vertical intercept? Of the slope? 2. The rate at which crickets chirp can be expressed as a function of temperature. 0 80 160 240 320 400 0 50 100 150 temperature chirps per minute A. Find the equation for the number of chirps per minute as a function of temperature. B. What is the average number of chirps per minute when the temperature is between
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