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If I am the director of a local news station, the story of the park should absolutely come first. In this case unless the celebrity was also from that state or town it should be no question what story should be lead. Since you are a local station, your priority lies with what is local not what will bring the bigger ratings. I believe the roles in the national media and the local media are different. I can understand nationally leading with the story of the dead celebrity due to the fact that most everyone will know of that person. However, local media need to put the stories of what is going on in their town before anything else. Since it has already been stated that the 3 parks closing story would have a bigger impact, it should not even be a question what story to lead with. I do not watch my local news so they can get bigger ratings, I watch them so I can find out everything going on here. Therefore the role of the media should be local first and then outreaching to different more national stories. The significance of immediate news media delivery on culture is
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