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For this assignment I have chosen the article “Adulthood and aging: Social Processes and Development. Of all the articles I researched in the University Library, this is the article that stuck out to me mainly because of the clear and concise way the author wrote the article. It was not done in a way that was confusing and hard to read but instead focused on the every day reader. According to the author, friends play a significant role in social processes and in the overall well being in adulthood for both men and women. In studies conducted, it was found that men usually report larger social circles than women. This is mainly due to women preferring friendships that are more intimate with mutual self disclosure and greater emotional support. On the other hand, men may have a larger friend circle but women tend to receive more burden from the close circle than men do. Types of friendships and socialization tend to vary with age groups, younger adults tend to have more friends than older adults. By middle adulthood, both men and women
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