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Assignment 3 - International Business and Information...

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International Business and Information Technology Programmes 7.107 Mathematics for computing 2.115 Business Mathematics and Statistics Assignment 3: Semester 3, 2010 Due: 11:00 AM , Friday 19 th of November 2010 Where: Assignments must be handed in at Reception (Asquith Campus). Late assignments will be penalized 5% per day (or part of a day) for two days and will receive a mark of zero after two days. This assignment is worth 10% of the total marks ______________________________________________________________________________________ Purpose The purpose of this assignment is testing the students understanding in Matrices, Elementary Logic, Tables & Charts, Regression & Correlation. 1
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Part A: Matrices 5M 1. What is meant by a matrix? 2M A matrix is a rectangle pattern of numbers 2. How to find the inverse of matrix 2 M If A is a 2X2 matrix, its inverse is another matrix A^-1 such that the products A^-1A and AA^-1 both equal the identity matrix. This inverse will exist if the determinant of A is not equal to zero. 3. What is meant by Identity matrix? 1M
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