Lab_01_AM10-13 - Solution - 7.104 DATABASE ENGI NEER I NG I...

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Unformatted text preview: 7.104 DATABASE ENGI NEER I NG I WEEK 01 – AM10-13 LAB & TUTOR IALS SOLUT ION DATA MANAGEMENT ISSUES & I TP NE TWORK DATABASE SYSTEM This laboratory/tutorial exercise aims for the student to familiarize with the I TP Network database system (MS SQL Server 2008) and also the common issues of managing data. Student is asked to do the followings; (A) DATA MANAGEMENT ISSUES Please discuss with your colleague next to you each of these business cases and identify which category of “problem of managing data” belongs to ( 1. data access, 2. data shared-use, 3. data security, 4. data privacy, 5. data reliability, 6. data r isk, 7. data integrity, 8. data performance, 9. data integration, administration ) a. Director of Health had raised a concern in the Legislative Assembly meeting about the Ministry’s filing system that contains all patients and administrative records is located very closely to the proposed new railway tracks to be built in March 2011. 6. DATA RISKS (3. DATA BACKUP TOOL & 4.DATA RECOVERY TOOL) b. The number of students of AIS St Helens for the year 2011 semester 1 has dramatically increased by 90% where the head of ITP t ries to address in the Board meeting that some problems will be arisen in the near future. The current filing system can only allow 600 students to write access into the data in the system and 2000 students can have read access. 1. DATA ACCESS (1. DATA ACCESS TOOL) c. Few customers of ANZ Bank have lodged complaints after two weeks from the New Year 2011 because the ATM in Mt Roskill almost out of service during those periods of times where people needed to withdraw money for...
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This note was uploaded on 04/03/2011 for the course ECON 7.104 taught by Professor Wei during the Spring '11 term at Faculty of English Commerce Ain Shams University.

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Lab_01_AM10-13 - Solution - 7.104 DATABASE ENGI NEER I NG I...

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