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7.104 DATABASE ENGINEERING I WEEK 03 – AM10-13 LAB / TUT SOLUTION RELATIONAL MODEL & NORMALIZATION This laboratory / tutorial exercise aims for the student to understand and gain skills on how to develop a relational data model: Functional Dependency, Modification Anomalies, Normalization, Multivalued Dependency. It is recommended for students to follow the order as listed below; (A) Examine the table below - ORDER_ITEM and answer questions follows; OrderNumber SKU Quantity Price ExtendedPrice 3000 100200 1 300 300 2000 101100 4 50 200 3000 101100 2 50 100 2000 101200 2 50 100 3000 101200 1 50 50 1000 201000 1 300 300 1000 202000 1 130 130 1. Is the above stated table a Relation or NOT? Yes, ORDER_ITEM is satisfying all criteria of a Relation 2. Write down the functional dependencies of the above stated table? (OrderNumber, SKU) → Quantity, Price, ExtendedPrice (Quantity, Price) → ExtendedPrice (B) Consider the table below STAFF_MEETING(EmployeeName, ProjectName, Date)
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EmployeeName ProjectName Date John ABC 11/01/2011 John CDE 12/01/2011 Mary XYZ 11/01/2011 Mary A3Z 12/01/2011 Peter ZCO 12/01/2011 John ABC 13/01/2011 The rows of this table record the fact that an employee from a particular project attended a meeting on a given date. Assume that a project meets at most once per day. Also, assume that only one employee represents a given project, but that employee can be assigned to multiple projects. 1.
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Lab_03_AM10-13 - Solution - 7.104 DATABASE ENGINEERING I...

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