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1 Global Survey: The Business Impact of Big Data November 2010 Executive Summary In the global marketplace, businesses, suppliers and customers are creating and consuming vast amounts of information. Gartner predicts that enterprise data in all forms will grow 650 percent over the next five years. According to IDC , the world's volume of data doubles every 18 months . This flood of data, often referred to as “information overload,” “data deluge” and “ big data ,” clearly creates a challenge for business leaders. So where is all this data coming from and what business value does it have? Who’s demanding this data and who’s creating it? And, are companies prepared to deal with the onslaught of data? In August 2010, Avanade commissioned a survey of 543 C-level executives and IT decision-makers in 17 countries to learn the answers to these questions*. i Key findings show us that the data deluge is real. In fact, the majority of respondents report being overwhelmed by the amount of data in the workplace. Many employees feel constantly distracted by multiple streams of information this is especially true of C-level executives. Despite feeling overwhelmed, executives have an insatiable desire for more data. Companies appear to be addicted. The majority of respondents believe information will fundamentally change their business. And yet today, only a minority views their company data as a strategic differentiator. Most, instead, see it as a consequence of doing business. Following are the specific findings from Avanade’s global survey, “ The Business Impact of Big Data, including some surprising differences between small and large enterprises, and the private sector and government. Big Data Hype or Business Reality? Across industries, regions and companies large and small, executives report the exponential growth in data and ability to access to critical information is creating very real business challenges . More than half of business and IT executives, 56 percent, report they feel overwhelmed by the amount of data their company manages. Many report they are often delayed in making important decisions as a result of too much information. Surprisingly, 62 percent of C-level respondents whose time is considered the most valuable in most organizations report being frequently interrupted by irrelevant incoming data. Further, amidst the sea of data, Avanade’s research shows that one in three executives is regularly unable to find the right people who can provide the information they need when they need it. And, according to a recent industry report , during the latest recession, more than one-quarter of executives
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BusinessImpact_onBigData - Global Survey: The Business...

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