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Tony Bain Innovations in Big Data December 28, 2008 proprietry Top 10 Data Management Issues for 2009 So it’s that time of year again when everyone puts out their predictions for the year ahead. I think predictions are a bit of a waste of time because to be interesting predictions have to be big, but a year really isn’t all that long so actual changes over the course of 2009 are likely to be just small progressions. So instead I have been thinking about the top issues that we face heading into 2009 and here is my Top 10 list for issues in Data Management. In this post I avoid offering solutions to these issues, while I have several ideas on solutions these can be the subject of subsequent posts. 10 - Limits on Scalability While scalability is on my list it is at number 10 because against popular belief, scalability is only an issue for a very small number of data based applications. Almost all data based applications in use today can be scaled without major issue by increasing the underlying hardware resources. But for those applications for which it is an issue it is usually a major issue, and the most common category of data based application that has such scalability limitations is internet applications and web based services. The problems with scaling this type of application are firstly, the scalability requirements are hard to predict in advance and secondly they can change instantly based on sudden popularity (aka the Slashdot effect). So currently you either over invest in infrastructure and hope for the growth or you under invest and hope you have time to rapidly add capacity if/when required. When planning “corporate” applications you usually have the benefit of capacity planning projections and the ability to manage rollouts to ensure scalability limitations can be managed and while you try to do this in a web world by nature any projections you do today can be meaningless tomorrow. Some cloud database platform vendors are looking to help alleviate this by providing solutions that offer on demand scalability. These solutions come in two flavors, firstly running existing database platforms on a virtualized infrastructure and secondly providing a non-relational key/value pair repository (SimpleDB, SSDS etc) where all underlying infrastructure and database operations are abstracted. While these represent positive steps forward I think the issue of completely abstracting infrastructure scalability to an application remains an issue that will receive attention in 2009. 9 - Constantly changing landscape Vendors are changing/updating platforms faster than organizations and their application vendors are willing or able to respond with migrations to the new platforms. When combined with applications that only work with a particular vendor many organizations have multiple data management platforms with multiple versions of each platform in production use. For
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DataManagementIssues_2009 - Tony Bain Innovations in Big...

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