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Unformatted text preview: The Need of Data The Governance: A Case Study ACIS 2007 presented by Lai Kuan Cheong Agenda Literature Review Literature Research Design Research Research Findings Research Conclusion and Future Research Conclusion Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 2 Literature Review Gartner Research (Newman, 2006) surveyed for emerging trends in enterprise information management. This research concluded that governance and data quality as area needing more research especially in the Asia Pacific region. Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 3 Literature Review (cont’d) Newman, 2005 conducted another study which highlighted problems with information management. They are: Increase in cost and complexity Increase Duplication of data and information sources Duplication Inflexible design which does not cater for Inflexible changing business needs Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 4 Literature Review (cont’d) Data Quality is Important Data Why? Why? IT Governance and Compliance Reporting IT Better decision making and reporting accountability Better Solution? Solution? Ensuring data quality via Data governance Ensuring Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 5 Research Design Case Study was chosen as the researcher is Case allowed to analyse/learn about the processes in a natural setting and generate theories from practice. This is particularly useful as there are not a lot of This research being conducted in Data Governance in Australia. Can Data Governance be the answer to effective data governance? Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 6 The Organisation A utility company with over 2000 employees utility Data is used by hundreds of users spread across Data a vast geographical location Data consists of asset data and associated spatial Data data Experiencing issues with compliance and KPI Experiencing reporting related to usage of data (‘fit for purpose’) Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 7 Research Design (cont’d) Data Collection Method Interview Interview Business Manager and IT Manager Business Data Management Issues Data Determine Data Governance activity Determine Observation Observation Data Management Issues Data Data governance program development Data Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 8 The Problem Business IT Data is everywhere, which Lack of ownership of data Data Lack is the truth? related problems Silo decision making Do not understand the Silo Do Lots of data stakeholder data Lots not communicating effectively Ineffective data Ineffective management Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 9 The Solution Data Management Issues Data Reactive Data Management (Data Strategy) Reactive Asset Data not easily accessible (Data Warehouse) Asset Data Improvement project most overbudget and overrun Data (Define clear roles and responsibility) Difficulty in setting standards (obtain senior executive endorsement Difficulty and give the data management mandate to set standards) Difficulty in obtaining consensus on data related issues Difficulty (Create an oversight board and transparent decision making process) (Create * Note: mitigation strategies in italics Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 10 The Solution (cont’d) Organisational Bodies and Policies - Standards and Standards Processes - Data Definition and Data Standard (Meta data management) - Internal/External data Internal/External access - Metrics Development Metrics and Monitoring - Data Profiling Data - Data Cleansing Data Data Governance Data Technology - Metadata Repository Metadata - Data Profiling tool Data - Data Cleansing tool Data - Governance Structure Governance Data Custodianship Data User Group Charter User Decision Rights Decision Issue Escalation Issue Process Internal/External Internal/External Parties data access policy Data Governance Framework Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 11 Data Governance Structure Strategic Data Governance Council IT Council Tactical Data Custodian Data Steward Operational User Group IT Technical Staff Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 12 Scalable Data Governance Structure Example: Line of business responsible for Asset Data Data Governance Council Example: Data Custodian (Division A) Data Steward Data Custodian (Division B) Data Steward Line of business responsible for Customer Data User Group User Group Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 13 Relationship between IT, Data and Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Council ITGovernance Council Data Governance Council Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 14 Research findings it was difficult to manage data across a large it organisation without formal data governance structure setting the governance structure and defining clear roles setting and responsibility was a n important first step in the developing a data governance program authority to manage company wide data as an asset authority endorsed by the DG council data governance framework is important for developing data a data governance program. It gives a structure for organising a program and also important so that this framework is used when developing data governance program for other line of business Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 15 Future Research Data Governance provides a structured Data framework for mitigating the risks of data management Develop a process for developing data Develop governance program Develop a data governance maturity model for Develop assessing maturity of data governance program Further investigate the relationship between IT, Further Corporate and Data Governance Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 16 Thank you QUESTIONS? Lai Kuan Cheong ACIS 2007 Toowoomba, Queensland 17 ...
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