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Management paper - house is now being demolished to get rid...

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Crj-11 Weekly Assignment Brittney Acevedo Murder, February 2007 Arthur McElhill killed his family in a house in Omagh county Tyrone. His partner Lorraine McGovern threatened to leave him so Arthur set the house on fire. Lorraine's daughter, Caroline tried calling for help but it was too late. Lorraine and her children, Caroline, Sean, Bellina, Clodagh and James all dies in the fire. Arthur was afraid Lorraine was leaving because he was having sex with a 16 year old. Arthur also had two previous convictions of rape. The
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Unformatted text preview: house is now being demolished to get rid of the bad memory. If I was Lorraine I never would have dated this guy in the first place because he had to rape charges. And even if someone was dumb enough to date someone like that I would never let them near my children who were all under the age of thirteen especially because Lorraine found out that he was sleeping with a sixteen year old. I'm not surprised that Arthur killed them but he deserved to die in that fire too....
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