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Brittney Acevedo Apple Case Memo 1) Apple’s consumer problem is their unmet needs. The consumer’s unmet needs are for a small portable music player that they can take thousands of their favorite songs with them wherever they want. The consumer wants a music player that gives them portability and freedom. 2) Apple uses the 4p’s to solve unmet needs a) Product- Apple iPod and accessories b) Price- $20-$4,000
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Unformatted text preview: c) Place- Apple retail stores and online stores d) Promotion- Slick, Starkly advertising campaign which uses commercials and word of mouth from satisfied consumers. 3) Apple should make an iPod that you can change the songs while wearing gloves. All the touch screen iPods you can’t wear gloves and even the older editions with the wheel doesn’t work if you are wearing gloves....
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