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consumer buyer behavior

consumer buyer behavior - Brittney Acevedo Professor Kohl...

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Brittney Acevedo Professor Kohl Starbucks Trying to Cut Buyer Pain By on 25 January, 2008 - 15:11 By: Roger Dooley As described many times here at Neuromarketing , paying for a product activates the brain's pain center, particularly if the price seems too high to the person making the buying decision. Starbucks is the company that taught us that $5 for a cup of coffee (or at least for a skinny mocha peppermint latte with an extra shot) isn't too much too pay. A simple cup of brewed coffee costs less, but the high cost of Starbucks beverages has made the $5 Starbucks coffee a staple of stand-up comedy routines. Now, new competitors like McDonalds are creeping in and showing consumers that maybe Starbucks actually IS kind of expensive for what you get. The buyer pain that Starbucks had suppressed over the years is in danger of returning. Simply cutting prices might endanger Starbucks' premium image and the perceived quality of the product - after all, we know that expensive wine tastes better
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