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CRJ-11 Weekly Class Assignment Brittney Acevedo 1/31/11 Assault with a deadly weapon and robbery, Wednesday January 25 th at 3AM A man by the name of Mr. Ajimotokan was selling his BMW M3 coupe online for $46,000. An ex convict named Barion Blake posed as a potential buyer of the car and went to Mr. Ajimotokan’s house. Mr. Blake assaulted Mr. Ajimotokan and stole the car. On Wednesday a Nassau County police officer found the car with Mr. Ajimotokan in the trunk with one ear nearly severed. Mr. Ajimotokan is in critical condition in the hospital and Mr. Blake is still on
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Unformatted text preview: the loose. Seeing this article makes me nervous about selling anything over the internet because anyone can get your address. If I ever needed to sell something where the person has to see the item first I wouldn’t give them my home address I’d bring the item somewhere else first. I think that once caught Barion Blake should go to prison for a long time because he committed multiple crimes. He assaulted a man with a deadly weapon and took his hostage in the trunk of the car and he committed grand larceny when he stole the car....
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