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CRJ-11 Weekly Class Assignment 2/7/11 Murder on west 144 th street in Harlem NY on Wednesday February 2 nd at 6:45 at night. Carlton Lewis stabbed two men on Wednesday night killing one and injuring the other. Carlton was trying to kick his mother’s boyfriend out of the apartment on Wednesday but he wasn’t leaving fast enough so he decided to stab him. A Good Samaritan neighbor Marco Betancourt tried to help Charles Davis and wound up getting stabbed to death in his own apartment. When the cops arrived Carlton tried to attack them with the dagger and the lead
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Unformatted text preview: officer shot him three times in the torso and once in the left shoulder. Carlton died at the scene. I am glad this guy died instead of being caught and going to jail he is a psycho. Carlton tried to kill the cops as they were coming to arrest him which caused the cops to have to shot him. The cops tried to say the neighbor but it was too late. The neighbor was a stay at home dad who collected disability and took care of his two year old son. Carlton was at least nice enough to leave the two year old kids unharmed in the apartment....
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