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CRJ-11 Weekly Class Assignment Brittney Acevedo 2/14/11 Murder/suicide, Friday February 11 th , 9:37 am The father of two twins that were missing sent a letter admitting that he killed them. Matthias Schepp studied suicide techniques and ferry schedules before taking his twin six year olds. Investigators revealed that Schepp had consulted websites on suicide, poisoning and firearms as well as travel to Corsica before his turn for custody of the girls but no guns were found. Matthias wrote a letter and said the girls were resting in peace and that they didn’t suffer. Four days later Matthias threw himself under a
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Unformatted text preview: train and killed himself. I wish the investigators would have caught this guy before he committed suicide. Matthias deserved to suffer for what he did to those two girls. The fact that those girls were his own daughters makes the situation even worse. I don’t understand how a person can kill their own family especially their children. Not getting along with your spouse is not a reason to try and take revenge by killing their children to hurt them. Killing is always wrong but killing a kid is the worst thing I can think of....
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