Exam 1 Review - Man 12 Review Material (Exam #1) Chapters...

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Man 12 Review Material (Exam #1) Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 1. Creativity a. Mental Habits: effect on creativity b. Conceptual Blocks i. Intellectual or Expressive Blocks- the Buddhist monk ii. Emotional Blocks- the animal noises iii. Perceptual Blocks-the 9 dots iv. Cultural Blocks- the ball stuck in the tube c. Brainstorming i. 4 Rules 1. No evaluation of any kind 2. Think of the wildest ideas possible 3. Encourage a lot of ideas 4. Build on, or modify ideas 2. Diversity- Diversity is the way in which people are similar or different from each other. a. The factors encouraging a global economy b. Geert Hofstede’s classic study of cultures i. Advices to managers- avoid ethnocentrism, listen to locals, do not always assume culture is the problem, and build cultural intelligence. ii. Dimensions of Hofstede’s model- Small vs. large power distance, Individualism vs. collectivism, Masculinity vs. femininity, Weak vs. strong uncertainty avoidance 1. Descriptions a. Small vs. large power distance- How much the less powerful members of institutions and organizations expect and accept that power is distributed unequally. b. Individualism vs. collectivism- How much members of the culture define themselves apart from their group memberships. c. Masculinity vs. femininity- The value placed on traditionally male or female values. d.
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Exam 1 Review - Man 12 Review Material (Exam #1) Chapters...

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