ECON303 - Midterm02 - F10

ECON303 - Midterm02 - F10 - Midterm #2 (A) October 25,2010...

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm #2 (A) October 25,2010 o ECON313 International Economics Good Luck!! Name: I 1 \~------------__~t ID Number:- - - - - - - - - You are permitted to only have a writing utensil, a non-programmable calculator, and a straight-edge with you during the exam. Answer all o questions fully. Show your work for credit. Be sure to label all curves and points on graphs. I f you feel a graph is appropriate for a question, include one with your answer, even if not explicitly asked for. Be sure to fully discuss your answers. o 1. (20 Points) Consider England, which is a large country. England consumes and produces drums, but it- finds that the majority of its drums come from its neighbor Spain. The demand and supply of drums in England are: d Demand: Q = 100 - 2 P ::\> e..::.-=C>~ :: $01; ==C>? 0;: . =t> Q.~ I DOt 5 Supply: Q = P Currently, England is importing drums at a free trade price of $20. The Queen of England is considering imposing a $10 tariff on drum imports. When the tariff is implemented the price of drums in the rest of the world falls to $15. Calculate consumer surplus, producer surplus, deadweight loss, tariff revenues, and total surplus before and after the tariff. lIIustrate all of these on a graph. Is the tariff a good idea for S~c..~ Soc.~AL W~~o...~6 W i;.~ "'\:X)~N "\:n..o'l"'\.__ II ~OO to If \ <O",~ A~{ ~ - "\\-\. t \ 1--\\' \t>..."'-GtJ~~.:~-l-O 10 () ~...
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ECON303 - Midterm02 - F10 - Midterm #2 (A) October 25,2010...

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