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ECON304 - F10 - Sonoma State University (SSU)

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Student Name:_ Sonoma State University Department of Economics ECONOMICS 304 Florence Bouvet Assignment 1 -Chapter 2 Due in class on September 9 th , before the lecture starts I) By how much does GDP rise in each of the following scenarios? Explain a) A computer company buys parts from a local distributor for $1 million, assembles the parts, and sells the resulting computers for $2 million. __ b "9~~~~ '?Wi~\I:\o~~ ~'1-,\\\~_~::;_ ~ i_ I\iL\IOk)) -\ \}At\JE 1\'7%-, = .)I\'-\],<-- 0" ~;",P<\._ - I)A\JJE O~ _;__'-)'t"-'l~~:E J V _0 ~QO')J~:\ G.OO~~ ~ Q?~v/C'F ~ !O!E!!S£= =~::--. ... - - _- _---- =-_. - -~. ~ "'- :------ ~ J ~-~ ~ ~ b) a real estate agent sells a house for $200,000 that the previous owners had bought ten years earlier for $100,000. The agent earns a comma sian of $6OQO. employment benefits by $100 million ~NW~ =: E.~~\)·~~v(lE,) d) A new European airline purchases $50 million worth of airplanes from the American company Boeing. /' G.~ ~SEc~ ~'( ~CSOIl\\\~O' e) A store buys $100,000 of chocolate from Belgium and sells
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2011 for the course ECON 304 taught by Professor Eyler during the Fall '07 term at Sonoma.

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ECON304 - F10 - Sonoma State University (SSU)

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