Week 1 Worksheet

Week 1 Worksheet - (11)Before you arrive for the Enzymes...

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(11)Before you arrive for the Enzymes: Factors Affecting the Rate of activity lab, please 1. Read the lab thoroughly, noting all safety guidelines. 2. Answer these preparatory questions: Is an enzyme a carbohydrate, protein, or a lipid? Protein What are the monomers (building blocks) of an enzyme? Amino   acids Which suffix usually ends an enzyme's name? -ace What is an enzyme’s active site, and where is it located? The enzyme’s active site is the region on the surface of the enzyme that houses   catalytic residues, binds the substrate, and carries out the reactions. What is the name of the “energy hill” that reactants must overcome to become products? The energy hill is the activation energy. What do enzymes do to that “energy hill”? They lower the activation energy to increase the rate of reaction. Would a reaction that is normally enzyme-driven ever occur if its enzyme was removed? If so, how would it be different than if enzyme was present?  
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Week 1 Worksheet - (11)Before you arrive for the Enzymes...

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