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HW2 - -Calcium Since my calcium intake is pretty low I...

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HW #2 – Food Analysis Chan Mi Park HLTH 110 24.09.09 P. McCrodan a) If intake is low or high for any of above, what changes could you make in your food intake? - Saturated fat: I may reduce the amount of cream cheese that I’m taking in the morning. I’ll reduce up to 1tsp. Also, I’ll try to drink coffee without cream. - Fibre: I thought I take enough fibre! I should try to eat more fruit such as pear and banana and use brown rice when I cook. I’ve been eating only white rice.
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Unformatted text preview: -Calcium: Since my calcium intake is pretty low, I might consider taking multiple vitamin supplements. Also, I’ll try to drink milk instead of coffee when I eat breakfast and try salmon sandwich for lunch. I preferred to egg salad sandwich just because I thought it is lower calorie. -B12: I can add broccoli for salad since I eat salad everyday for dinner. Also, I’ll make sure I drink coffee or tea at least one hour after meals....
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