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WORKSHEET 20 - Fall 1995 1. Describe step by step a method to approach related rates problems. 2. For each related rates problem below, draw and label a picture of the situation. The rate(s) you know and the rate you are seeking should be the time derivatives of quantities you have labeled. State what they are. For each problem determine, an algebraic relationship involving the quantities you have identi±ed. Finally, venture a guess as to what type of answer you would get. Speci±cally how would the rate you are seeking depend on the variables? a) Imagine the following magic triangle. Its base is on a horizontal surface and no matter what you do to its height, the triangle always has area 10. If you push down on the top of the triangle so that it becomes shorter at a rate of 3 cm/sec, how fast will the length of the base be changing when the triangle is 5cm tall? b) Particle A moves along the positive horizontal axis, and particle B along the graph of f ( x )= 3 x , x 0. At a certain time,
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