Psc 100 notes Exam 1

Psc 100 notes Exam 1 - Psc. 100 1/15/09 Lec. 3 Read Ch 1-4...

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Psc. 100 1/15/09 Lec. 3 Read Ch 1-4 (study anything that is elaborated) Ch. 1 lecture topics Ch. 2 basic process of neurons, cognitive processes of the brain pg. 42 interacting with the environment Ch. 3 perception focus on pg 61- end of the chapter. Theories of how we identify items in our environment. (61-72) she won’t have a chance to talk about (72- and on) teacher will be talking about study up to page 122 Sensation - Visual System : sensitive to light, activate our eyes, We see wave lengths and intensity, happens at the receptor level. Perception of color is in the mind. We only see single part of the spectrum visible to humans, 80% is between. o Physical stimuli o Anatomy of the eye Iris – contacts and expands depending on the intensity Pupil- black accommodates so the iris can open appropriately. Lens – adjusts depending on the distance Optic nerve to brain’s visual cortex Receptor cells replace what is missing in a image. We have different type of receptor cells that function different in light and dark Receptor cells = rods and cons Rods Cons Amount at receptor About 7 million About 120 million Retinal location Concentrated in center Mostly in periphery Color vision Trichromatic (color) Achromatic Spatial resolution High acuity Low acuity o Color perception Opponent Processes 3 underlying opponent elements Red vs. green Blue vs. yellow Black (no color) vs. white (all color) Perception Perceptual Organization Form Depth
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Movement Top down processing Bottom up processing Perceptual Organization 1. What is it? (form) 2. Where is it? (depth) 3. What is it doing? (motion) Form
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Psc 100 notes Exam 1 - Psc. 100 1/15/09 Lec. 3 Read Ch 1-4...

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