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Pittman EVALUATIVE CRITERIA FOR CAREER ASSESSMENT Needs work OK Excellent CONTENT Addresses assignment completely; reaches high. Intro orients reader; follows purpose statement “template.”* Criteria are ranked, justified, explained. Assessment incorporates at least two sources from the databases (see assignment) that are credited in both the text and in Works Cited.* Interviews and company websites are fine but don’t count towards the requirement. Analysis is perceptive, thoughtful. Visual aid is useful, professional, and referenced correctly.* Conclusion reinforces main findings; includes Next Steps and goodwill.
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Unformatted text preview: ORGANIZATION Needs work OK Excellent Facilitates accessibility of info. Follows assignment guidelines. FORMATTING Needs work OK Excellent Standard memo format. Headings and lists are used strategically to facilitate accessibility of info. Strong visual appeal – short paragraphs, strategic use of white space, etc. Inviting! STYLE AND TONE Needs work OK Excellent Easy to read! Well crafted Professional; reflects awareness of audience MECHANICS Needs work OK Excellent Grammar and usage enhance credibility *designated grade-breaker. You cannot make an A without fulfilling this criterion....
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