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Memorandum To: Beryl Pittman From: Ed Johnston EJ Date: July 15, 2008 Subj: Career Assessment Assignment Given that I have a strong interest in craft beer and quality wine, my ideal career would be a sales person for a beer and wine wholesaler/distributor. However, several different companies carry many different brands of beer and wine, making the choice a bit more difficult. Therefore, it would be in my best interest to find the wholesaler/distributor that best fits my criteria. The purpose of this memo is to present information on three distributors that I feel could provide an optimum career for me. Methodology In this section, I will explain how I researched each distributor and how I established my criteria. I predominantly used the internet to research three potential distributors I would want to work with. Each distributor had a website with lots of very useful information. The websites provided more than enough information to gauge where each company stood in each of my deciding criteria. I also used my work experience with one of the distributors to help me in my research. The criteria that I used to help me decide which company would be the best choice for me were very hard to pinpoint. After deciding what my four criteria were, I then ranked them from most to least important. Ranking the criteria was also difficult and took a fair amount of time. In all honesty, I have always assumed that I would start my career with whatever company would hire me. Now that I have my four ranked criteria, I feel that I can be a lot more selective in choosing which company I want to work with. Overview of Companies This section outlines the three distributors that I am considering. Mims Distributing Company, Inc . Mims is what is called a “Miller house” because they own the distribution rights to all of the Miller Brewing Company products. As I am sure you know Miller is a huge brand. Every bar,
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Memorandum every grocery store, every convenience store you go into carries a Miller product. This means lots of sales for Mims, but it also sticks them with the stigma of being a quantity over quality oriented distributor. After visiting their website I was excited to see that they also carry a variety of other beers as well. Magic Hat, Samuel Adams, Anchor Steam, and Big Boss are all breweries that I feel produce quality beer and I would love to represent these breweries. Mims services a surprisingly small area at only nine counties. Mims does not represent any wineries. ( Mutual Distributing Company Mutual has done very well in creating a strong product mix between beer and wine. None of the breweries they represent are what I would consider one of my favorites, but most of their breweries are at least reputable in the beer world. Their wine list is quite impressive. They have lots of the less expensive and trendier wines such as Four Emus, Old Fart, and Monkey Bay. They also have several high quality wineries that I would enjoy representing.
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johnston_carassmt_annotated - Memorandum To: Beryl Pittman...

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