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Activity #1: Memo rewrite 1. First, read these awful memos. They’re real, by the way. Read them again , pretending that you’re Lou or Marilyn Do you feel like shoving Louis in the linen hampers now, Marilyn? And how about you, Lou? Feel like working extra hard on those accounts? 2. Next, think about: What’s really wrong with them -- is it the tone? the words themselves? the formatting? the lack of clarity and conciseness? What does the writer really want to accomplish in each case? Forget personality conflicts and emotional stuff. What are the organizational goals in each case? Will the writer be able to maintain a good working relationship with the reader and to appear professional in the eyes anyone else reading the document? 3. Now, re read the Reader’s Bill of Writes.
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Unformatted text preview: The Bill of Writes is based on your discussion responses. It’s posted under Starter Kit. . 4. Finally, choose one of the two memos and rewrite it. Start from scratch! Write it so that the reader is clear on what s/he needs to do and so that the reader and writer maintain a good working relationship. In the Linen Hampers memo, it’s ok to assume that the nurses are indeed responsible for putting the linens into the hamper. 5. Post your rewrite in the Discussion forum called Memo Rewrite by 11pm on due date indicated. In the text block, write us a cheery little note telling us how impressed we’ll be with your rewrite of XXX memo. Then attach as either a .doc or .docx file or a pdf. 6. Vote! (See separate “ page ” for voting instructions.)...
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