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Resume Exchange Memo (Autosaved) - MEMORANDUM_ To: Ms....

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M E M O R A N D U M ________________________________________ To: Ms. Beryl Pittman From: Yi-Hong (James) Xu Date: March 1, 2011 Subj: Decision on new hires The purpose of this memo is to allow me, as the hiring manager to report to the CEO, Ms. Beryl Pittman my decision on this year’s group of new hires from North Carolina State University. I will be discussing the best-looking resume, the top five candidates we should call in, my suggestion on our top choice, my criteria on phrases that appealed to me in cover letters and some of the problems that allowed me to immediately eliminate a candidate. The Best Looking Resume Lindsey Milem’s resume appealed to me the most. Her name and headings were in green, which corresponds to her work experience with Greenpeace. To some people, it might be inappropriate to use color on the resume, but to me, it instantly sets her resume apart from the rest, since hers was the only one with color. Top Five Candidates to Call In
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Resume Exchange Memo (Autosaved) - MEMORANDUM_ To: Ms....

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