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Oral Presentation Rules of Engagement For more detail, check the assignment, grade-breakers, and evaluative criteria. For the speakers: 1. Your presentation should last 3 minutes, +/- 15 seconds. Q&A, even if it occurs during the presentation instead of at the end of it, does not count as part of that 3 minutes. 2. Dress = business casual. 3. Bring your PowerPoint on a thumb drive, a disc, or email it to yourself, or save it on the K drive. 4. Bring a hard copy of your slides in case there’s a tec hnical difficulty. 5. Give me a copy of the evaluative criteria, stapled to the top of a hard copy of your slides, printed in handout style, before you begin. After you finish doesn’t count. 6. Be on time. 7. If you’re not on time, bring documentation. If you’re allowed to make up your presentation, it’ll be after everyone else presents. No make-ups without documentation. 8. If you haven’t signed up for a presentation, let me know immediately. For the peer reviewers/question-askers:
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