1098T - NC1095T_V4. ‘ Elle Edit Erew Hi§toiy fiookmarks...

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Unformatted text preview: NC1095T_V4. ‘ Elle Edit Erew Hi§toiy fiookmarks Idols flelp is} (w impgmcprdscs.ncsueduthi:nDipst-96771aauainc1ogery4.pdi J. C‘ it v ' Googi'e £1 Moswisited 0 Getting Started 31 Latest Headlines 9! Inbox - Vahao! Mail Dorie x | or Inboir - Yahoo! Mail X %' Tail.th Ontme X ,_, Account Summary X I o Mclmivipdllapplicalioni'... X ,_, Cashier‘s Office 2010 1098T Tax Information X how to get 1098tfiom mypack X é September 13. 1999 - Powered ht Information regarding your 2010 tuition and fees charges and grants and scholarships awarded in 201 D has been sent to the Internal Revenue Service Unless the student requested electronic delivery, a copy was sent to the listed address. The Form 10987T is used along With the taxpayer‘s own records of tuition and fee amounts paid to complete IRS Form 8863 to claim the tax credit. You may Wish to talk to a tax advisor for help In calculating the amount of your credit. The information shown is based on transactions recorded by NCSU In Calendar 201 D. This information is prowded as required by the IRS and does not represent tax advice from the University The taxpayer should reler to relevant IRS forms and publications or a tax advisor, and should not refer to the University for explanations relating to the eligibility requirements tor, and calculation of, any allowable education tax credit. Questions regarding the Form 10981 for 2010 may be directed to the University Cashier's Office, 2005 Harris Hall, Raleigh, NC 27695, by phone at (919) 515-2986, or e-mail at: [email protected] FILER'S name, street address, city, state, ZIF| code, and telephone mm per 1 Payments received for qualified tuition and related expenses OMB No. 1545-194 Raleigh, NC, 27605 Service PromderlAcct. No. [see instr.) 8 Check if at least nail time student 000825303 Y 9 Check if a graduate student 10 Ins contract reimbi‘retund N 5 Tuition NORTH CAROLINA STATE UNIVERSITY $ Statement Campus Box 7213 zAmounts billed for qualified tuition Raleigh, NC 27595-7213 300 FEIatEd expenses Form mgl Ph. [913] 515-2986 $19523_BB FILER'S Federal identification no STUDENTS social secun'ty number 3 lfthis box is checked, your educationa institution has changed it's repo ing copy 5 method for 2010. For Student 565000756 XXX-XX-1143 STU DENT‘S name 4 Adjustments made fora prior year 5 Scholarships or grants Yi-Hon Xu $ 0.00 5 0.00 WSIS important _ _ _ _ _ _ _ tax information Street address (including apt. no.) 6 Adjustments to scholarships or 7 Check this box little amount in box 1 and ‘5 being grants for a prioryear or 2 includes amounts for an academic furnished ‘0 me 1511 Graduate Lane, Apt 102 :3qu WWW JSWWMW Internal Revenue City, state, and ZIP code I semoe $ 0.00 Y The amount reported in Box 2 does not include Student Health Services and Transit System fees in the amount of 5 360.52. The Internal Revenue Service has determined that these lees are not Qualified tuition & related expenses as defined by the regulations, and must be excluded from the reported information. diucei: ...
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This note was uploaded on 04/07/2011 for the course ENGLISH 101 taught by Professor Hill during the Spring '11 term at Wake Forest.

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1098T - NC1095T_V4. ‘ Elle Edit Erew Hi§toiy fiookmarks...

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