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Ge (Joyce) Tian Eng101-117 02-01-2011 A Deeper Look into Wall Street For anyone studying history, Wall Street is the place the Bill of Rights was initially passed and signed in 1789. For other of citizens of United States as well as the rest of the world, Wall Street is the financial center of United States. The significance of Wall Street made New York City into one of the main financial centers in the world (1), which consists of many headquarters of investment banks, financial banks, and brokerage firms (2). The first impression people have on Wall Street is money and power and a lot of this view comes from the movie Wall Street in 1987, directed by Oliver Stone. The movie Wall Street highlights the activities that take place from an insider’s view of Wall Street at the time, the difficulties for a stockbroker to survive in Wall Street, and the greedy of the richest man on Wall Street. The storyline of Wall Street reflects many things of humanities, and made us to rethink about our life. In the beginning it expressed the different between good versus evil on Wall Street, and discussed the main debatable topic is greedy good? In the end, the movie made us rethink that does money really bring happiness? The director of the movie Wall Street , Oliver Stone, expressed in an interview “There is no black [or] white, Wall Street is good, [or] Wall Street is bad.” (Capital) He does not believe that there is black and white on Wall Street. In Oliver’s movie, he uses the main character Bud Fox to show that there’s no clear line drawn between good and evil, most people on Wall Street live in the gray area. Gordon Gekko represents pure evil and Bud’s dad represents pure good. Throughout the movie Bud is finds himself stuck in the war between good and evil.
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Wall Street - Ge (Joyce) Tian Eng101-117 02-01-2011 A...

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