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What are ecosystems? Name two effects of human activities on your local ecosystems. Explain. An ecosystem is a biological environment consisting of all the organisms living in a particular area, as well as all the nonliving, physical components of the environment with which the organisms interact, such as air, soil, water and sunlight. It is all the organisms in a given area, along with the nonliving (abiotic) factors with which they interact; a biological community and its physical environment. A doctor uses blood pressure, body temperature, and other data to monitor a person’s health. In the same way, communities can assess and monitor the health of their ecosystems by collecting and analyzing various kinds of “indicator” data. A wide
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Unformatted text preview: variety of indicators might be used. One thing that I can remember is that there used to be frogs in a creek that was near my house growing up. The County decided to put rat poisoning down there to get rid of all the rats and it ended up killing all of the frogs at the same time. The rats eventually came back, the frogs are gone… The was an owl called the Burrowing Owl and man put up a golf course in a city called Mountain View and they Burrowing Owls lost their home and were moved to another location. There are many creeks here in San Jose, CA that were turned into flood channels and this killed a lot of the fish if not all of them because their habitat was destroyed....
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